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the communication molecules of the body

Hormones are vital chemical messengers that work together to form one mass communication system, called your endocrine system. Even slight imbalances in these hormones can lead to widespread symptoms, and much like a stone dropped into a lake, even a small disruption can create a ripple effect. 

Unfortunately, for many people, conventional therapies only mask the issue, leading to a dependency on medication while secondary symptoms progress, all while exposing people to risk factors such as stroke, osteoporosis, mood disorders, a lack of sex drive, and potential reproductive issues. 

supporting imbalances in this integrated communication system requires an integrative approach

hormonal imbalance

hormonal health.

Hormones have powerful impacts on the body, which can lead to significant changes in:

- periods

- skin

- energy 

- mood

- weight

- hair growth and loss

- sleep

- sex drive

- digestion

- reproductive health

Conventional management of hormone imbalances often replaces or suppresses them, as seen with the birth control pill, thyroid medication, HRT, insulin replacement, and so on. Unfortunately, for many people this only masks the issue. 

Conditions treated include: 


- Endometriosis

- Fertility and Anovulation

- Fibroids

- Acne

- Menopause

- Ovarian Cysts

- Vaginal Dysbiosis

- Painful and Irregular cycles

- Thyroid Disorders

- Discontinuing Oral Contraceptives

- Weight gain 

female hormonal imbalance

womxn's health.

male hormonal imbalance

men's health.

Hormone imbalance affects men too - in fact, low testosterone is a common cause of irritability and grumpiness in men. If too much testosterone is converted to estradiol, decreased sex drive and increased breast size can result.

Other conditions associated with male hormone imbalance:

- apathy, depression

- bone loss, hair loss

- erectile dysfunction

- memory loss

- weight gain

- benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)

Please be advised, while Dr. Holmberg can assist with diagnostic testing, naturopathic doctors in Ontario cannot prescribe testosterone replacement therapy.

I'm here to tell you that its possible to get the answers you're looking for and the help you deserve 

are you ready to take the next step? 

Hormone Naturopath
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