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Naturopath Toronto

digestion & hormones

natural support for your

Redefining health care for the modern woman by using comprehensive testing & in-depth assessments to finally get answers to the questions you've been asking

naturopathic doctor
naturopathic doctor toronto
naturopathic doctor toronto
naturopathic doctor toronto
naturopathic doctor toronto

hey there

I'm Dr. Courtney,
a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto

but I was once where you are now

I knew that something was wrong, that something was out of balance, but I didn't know how to address it or where to start. I was given blanket diagnoses, told that my symptoms were just part of being female, and was given one pill after another.  No one could provide me real answers, real testing, or real solutions. Nothing worked, and nothing improved.
As I'm sure you've gathered by now . . . I found myself a Naturopathic Doctor.
Naturopathic Medicine may not have necessarily saved my life, but it certainly changed it.

I’ve since made it my purpose to ensure that your symptoms are heard and your questions are answered as we dive deeper into the root of your health concerns to provide guidance on how to truly come out the other side with a reclaimed state of wellbeing.

finally, the approach to medicine you've been looking for

areas of focus


Naturopathic medicine works to assess and treat your digestive issues by incorporating the four principles of gut rehabilitation:
remove the offending foods/toxins,
repair the intestinal lining,
restore the proper flora, 
& replace underlying deficiencies.

Naturopathic Care for
SIBO & H2S overgrowths
Crohn's & Colitis 
Constipation, Diarrhea & IBS
Gas & Bloating
Food Sensitivities
Microbiome Imbalances
Leaky Gut


Hormonal imbalances can be hard to decipher. We feel unwell, but our lab work says it's 'normal'.
Taking a functional medicine approach, we'll use comprehensive testing and individually selected naturopathic therapies to properly restore hormone balance & function.

Naturopathic Care for
PCOS & Irregular Periods
Weight Gain
Thyroid issues


Autoimmunity is connected to the gut, and Naturopathic Medicine works to identify causes of disruption and restore the body's ability to decipher between itself, the external environment, and pathogens. Immunosuppression is not your only option.

Naturopathic Care for
Hashimoto's & Grave's
Crohn's & Colitis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis
Systemic Lupus
Sjögren’s syndrome

functional medicine testing

SIBO Testing

Food Intolerance Testing

Comprehensive Stool Testing

Microbiome Profiling

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

Full Thyroid Bloodwork 

Bioidentical Estrogen 

Bioidentical Progesterone

Natural Desiccated Thyroid

Please note, Naturopathic Doctors cannot prescribe

Testosterone or DHEA therapy in Ontario

bioidentical hormones

Work With Me


Step one is to understand your symptoms. During our naturopathic intake, we will:

  • complete an in-depth assessment of your concerns

  • review any health history, nutrition & lifestyle factors that may be impacting those concerns

  • determine the need for functional testing/blood work to help diagnose or monitor



Based on our assessment and labwork, we'll determine a short & long-term plan that will include the following: 

  • customized nutraceutical recommendations

  • specific diet & lifestyle recommendations

  • monitoring strategies to tract progress



Recovery takes time, and follow-up visits allow us to ensure we're in the right direction. These visits help to: 

  • monitor treatment progress & efficacy

  • determine follow-up testing

  • provide accountability & support

  • track our long-term goals & new symptoms or concerns that arise along the way


our process

let's dig deeper to learn how naturopathic medicine can get to
the root cause of your hormonal, digestive, and autoimmune concerns

it's time to get the support you deserve

discover how a Naturopathic Doctor can help
​I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Naturopathic Doctor Toronto
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