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As a naturopathic doctor dedicated to promoting 'healthspan' (aka the length of time a person is healthy and free from chronic disease), I often find myself in front of frustrated patients who have been met with resistance from our public health on the ability to access preventative measures for their health. 

Preventative blood work

Unfortunately, this is one major place where our health care system falls short, as it appears to have evolved into what I commonly refer to as a 'sick care' system. Unless you are presenting with overt symptoms, you are presumed to be 'fine'. But without blood work, we're given no objective information to base this on.

I sit across from patients on the daily who have asked and been denied the baseline knowledge on their health, and report feeling like this information is being gatekept from them. In a world where chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are rampant, prevention becomes paramount.

The value of preventative blood work

Blood work is a window into the body's inner workings, and it provides numerous insights into various aspects of our health, from cholesterol levels to organ function and beyond. By analyzing key markers in your blood, we're able to detect potential issues early on, often before symptoms arise. Furthermore, it provides baselines to monitor change, allowing us to identify issues as they arise and before they become disease.

Imagine being able to intercept health concerns before they escalate into full-blown diseases. Early detection is precisely what preventative blood screening offers. By identifying abnormalities in your blood chemistry, we can intervene swiftly with lifestyle changes, medication, or other interventions to halt the progression of disease.

But how can we prevent what we cannot see? This is where blood screening becomes invaluable.

Introducing 'The Wellness Check'

After years of watching patients turn to private healthcare platforms and expensive medical clinics to collect the information they are after in regards to their health longevity, I've formulated a series of tests in which I'm referring to as The Wellness Check - a comprehensive list of biomarkers that provides objective insight into our most important bodily systems.

Preventative screening can be as simple as a blood draw.

The Wellness Check includes 48+ biomarkers to gain comprehensive insight into all areas of your health, including the following:

✓ inflammation markers

✓ metabolism

✓ hormonal health 

✓ heart health 

✓ detoxification

✓ recovery & endurance

✓ nutrition status 

In today's era of information proliferation, knowledge confers power. Equip yourself with insights into your health by considering preventative blood screenings, and adopting a proactive stance on your health trajectory.

Not only does early detection empower individuals to implement timely interventions to mitigate the progression of disease, but preventative blood work also facilitates personalized healthcare, allowing for tailored interventions based on an individual's unique biomarker profile. By monitoring key markers such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, inflammatory markers, etc, healthcare providers can not only patient's detect and manage chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease but also proactively address risk factors for future health issues. Ultimately, preventative blood work fosters a culture of health and wellness by empowering individuals to take charge of their health, leading to improved health outcomes, enhanced quality of life, and an extended health span.

Let's start approaching medicine as 'healthcare ', not 'sickcare '.

To learn more about The Wellness Check, or preventative strategies to optimize your health span, contact Dr. Holmberg, ND at 647 351 7282, or visit us online.


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